Game Dev Portfolio

Jordan de Jong C++ Gameplay Programmer

I am a C++ Gameplay programmer who studied C++ at Breda University of Applied sciences, I have also studied C# at SintLucas in Eindhoven.

I am quite experienced with Unreal Engine and I am able to work in Custom created Engines.

I have worked on PC titles and on VR Titles, my latest experience being an Internship at Vertigo Games in Amsterdam, here I worked as a C++ Gameplay programmer.

In my free time I enjoy gaming as well as learning and thinking about how to implement mechanics from games.

Professional skills

I have proficient knowledge about Unreal Engine.

I have made several projects in Unreal engine using both C++ and Blueprints

I have used Perforce as a source control for all of my projects so far.

I have extended knowledge about C++. I have used C++ in custom engines and in Unreal Engine.

I enjoy learning about new C++ topics and improving myself

I have knowledge about C#. I have used this at my previous education

I have used Jira as a tool for sprint planning and to track my progress.



I have studied C++ at Breda University of Applied Sciences. We work on projects were we make games in 8 weeks throughout the entire year. In year 2 I made Osakabe the first person horror. This changes in year 3 were we work on a game for an entire year. In this year I made the game A.R.D (Alien Removal Division). Year 4 is when I did an Internship at Vertigo Games in Amsterdam.

I have studied C# at SintLucas In Eindhoven. Here I learned how to use C# in Unity, we work in a way were the teacher will explain basics of coding and give examples on implementations, Here I learned my coding basics which were necessary to do my intake at BUAS.

Vertigo Games Amsterdam Internship

C++ Gameplay programmer Unreal Engine VR

Bug fixing, implementation of systems

A.R.D Alien Removal Division – Enchanted Bean studio

C++ Gameplay/AI Programmer

Student project of a year, profiling and optimization, Saving and loading, Level streaming. Game is released on steam


Osakabe – Team 3

C++ Gameplay/AI Programmer

Student project, Focused on AI, profiling and optimization and saving and loading. Game is released on