Alien Removal Division

Alien Removal Division was made in Unreal Engine 4.27, I have worked on Loading and saving, Level streaming, Flying Enemy AI, Menu functionality, profiling and optimization and general bug fixing.

This project was made in 10 months


Here is the trailer of the game, you can find the game on steam

Profiling and optimization, I have made snapshots throughout the scene and used the current frametime/FPS to generate a chart. Based on this chart we decided to merge actors to reduce drawcalls as well as improve performance in other ways.
This massively improved performance in our game.

I also made a chart with the frame timings and see the improvements after my and my teams changes using timings.

For Timings seeing it going down in the graph is a good improvement.

This project was mainly done in blueprints, I have setup the level streaming/loading in blueprints aswell. This was my idea on how to set it up during my education. We load levels into memory and only the ones necessary will be rendered. This all happens during the loading screen

You can check out the video on how it looks like.


Enemies adjusting to angle of floor, this prevents the enemies from clipping through the floor with their feet/floating in the air. We unfortunately didnt have time to create IK for our enemies so this was our other solution.


The video shows the Enemies rotating to align with the ground below them, this was also done using blueprints.


After my internship, I have learned quite a lot more about development in Unreal, the way to optimize things and to use C++ in Unreal itself.

If I had known these improvements beforehand I would have made some big changes to how the architecture of my work would be setup, as well as using delegates for some of the code structure.