This project was made in 8 weeks in Unreal Engine 4.26.

Here I worked on the main enemy AI Osakabe.


The game can be found on and is playable



I have setup the AI to always know the general area where the player/objective is, this gave it the feeling the AI is always close or just one step ahead of the player. 

I have used an EQS (Environmental Query system) for this, this allowed me to get information in the level and use it directly to generate nodes with a score on where the AI should move/teleport to.



The game has doors that are “Too small” for the AI as well as are closed. to solve this issue we decided to add nav links on the doors for the AI. This allowed us on target nav link reached to play an animation and open the door for the AI. This is done using animation events to call an event to open the door.

The video shows the AI walking towards the their target through multiple doors.

The blueprints show the calculation of which side of the door it should open (Left or Right)