Vertigo Games Internship

I cannot go into details on what I have worked on due to a NDA.

During my internship at Vertigo Games Amsterdam I have learned quite a lot about Unreal C++, especially about delegates (decoupling of systems) lambda’s, subsystems as well as implementations of more generic systems such as object poolings for performance improvements. I have also improved my debugging skills.

I have implemented core systems, worked on bug fixing, fixed unreal source code crashes, reviewed all of my code by my supervisor before submitting to the source control.

I have worked closely together with other disciplines on the project. I have worked there as a Gameplay programmer on a VR game.

I have worked closely with my supervisor and improved myself based on their feedback they have given me. Planned my improvement plan based on this feedback and improved myself as a programmer in general.


I will update this when NDA gets lifted and if I am allowed to show more details of my work.